Nurosoft's history begins in 2014, when Kern Nuroho left her work in a major IT Consulting firm in Seattle to go back to Indonesia. At the encouragement of Singgih Nuroho, her father and now Chairman of Nurosoft, they both founded the firm with the initial vision to compete globally in the IT consulting industry and empower Indonesian digital talents.

In 2016, the company was officially incorporated as PT. Nuroho Software Consulting. Joseph Nuroho joined Nurosoft as director the following year to strengthen the board of directors. Nurosoft took the leap to become Odoo partner and found success quickly with Odoo, rising to become a silver partner in 2018 and an elite gold partner in 2020.

Starting with a small team of 2, Nurosoft have now grown to be a team of 60 tech talents and growing.

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Who we are, and what we aspire to be


Partnership Mindset

Every team member is a partner of Nurosoft, and of each other. For a partnership to grow, both parties must be willing to put up their parts of the responsibilities, respect one another, and be mutually beneficial.



We get things done. We make meaningful progress towards our team & company goals. We focus on outcomes, not activities.


All About People

We treat everyone with respect regardless of status or positions.



To achieve results, team members must work together effectively. At Nurosoft, helping others is a priority. Similarly, you can rely on others for help and advice. In fact, you are expected to do so.



We never stop learning and innovating. We do not avoid challanges. Failure is an opportunity to grow.

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Kern Nuroho


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